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Turk Murphy Jazz Band - From Barrelhouse Jazz
Daddy Doo
Turk Murphy ℗ 2010 Mastercorp Pty Ltd

From Chris Tyle:

"For some reason this evening (here in France), I'm thinking about my mentor, Don Kinch, and this great album he recorded with Turk Murphy.

Don was a great trumpet player who was sadly overshadowed by a lot of other trumpet players when he lived in LA. I remember a conversation with him one time where he said another trumpet player said to him on a session - "what are YOU doing here?" Nice. I guess that was the cut-throat scene in LA.

Don frequently had the last laugh as he was an excellent string bass player and did studio work on that instrument, and we all know of his work on tuba and helicon with the Firehouse Five Plus Two.

He was the most inventive second trumpet player I've ever worked with. Being such an excellent musician, with so many years of experience playing with dance bands, he had a terrific ear for harmony and I felt like a right pratt sometimes when I worked with him as a very green cornet player. Those second trumpet parts were fabulous and I wished there were recordings of all of them.

Don eventually retired from music performance. I once asked him if he missed it and he said "not really" - but at that point, there weren't really any gigs for him to play that would've been to his taste, and nobody around in the Portland area that he wanted to work with. Very sad - but I completely understand.

So enjoy this wonderful slice of his playing in his prime!"


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