While rummaging around items in my music memorabilia collection recently, I discovered the Turk Murphy Jazz Calendar 1981. It has reproductions of some long forgotten photos of Turk and his bands, shots of Turk's various venues including Earthquake McGoon's, and a lots of our favorite musicians and friends.

Credits for the photos and artwork are on the images.

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The Turk Murphy Jazz Calendar 1981

December 1980

December 1980

Inside Cover

January 1981 Photo


February 1981 Photo

February 1981

March 1981 Photo

March 1981

April 1981 Photo

April 1981

May 1981 Photo

May 1981

June 1981 Photo

June 1981

July 1981 Photo

July 1981

August 1981 Photo

August 1981

September 1981 Photo

September 1981

October 1981 Photo


November 1981 Photo

November 1981

December 1981 Photo

December 1981