Our Team

Roscoe Leon

A master's degree holder in Arts and Humanities, Roscoe brought about SF Trad Jazz platform in order to spread art awareness to enthusiasts and unfamiliars alike. Sftradjazz came to fruition after Roscoe browsed through people's different ideas and perceptions towards a particular piece of painting which led him to create SF Trad Jazz, an all-in-one place for anything arts and music.

Gabby Edgar

Gabby leads our team of writers, who are remotely working across the USA and Canada in bringing more masterpieces to enthusiasts across the world-wide-web.

Lacey Roscoe
Art Director

Lacey produces innovative ideas for the visual elements of our campaigns and content.

Belinda Pickle
Graphic Artist

Belinda is responsible for the creative design our platform has and manages our pool of artists who occasionally contributes their fruit of labor to SF Trad Jazz.