Write For Us

The art world is a fascinating place, and the more you learn about it as an enthusiast. Art can be interpreted in many ways- from one person’s perspective to another’s. The world is a beautiful place. It’s also full of amazing artwork that can spark conversation and inspiration among people from all walks of life. We want you to know we’re always looking for creative writers who have their own voice in the discourse, so if captivating words are what make your work stand out, come join us today as one writer among many voices striving towards making this planet more engaging than ever before.

Who can post on SF Trad Jazz?

We seek contributors with a passion for the arts and technology. We are looking to reach out to our community by publishing content that relates both of these passions, such as reviews or how-to tutorials. If you feel like this is something you would enjoy doing please get in touch. 

We welcome all who identify with any of the following:

-Technology enthusiasts and arts aficionados  – Writers looking for a broader audience or those writing in similar genres, connective tissue between diverse communities.

What are we looking for?

You may submit a rough draft, or if you have something more polished and complete then that’s great too! In either case we appreciate all of the effort. As before though please remember: this is not an opportunity for someone else’s work but rather original content from yourself—anything published elsewhere won’t be considered here due to copyright laws

You can send anything related to writing with your ideas on it – including outlines/outlines scribbled in looseleaf paper which might include some notes about characters motivations. Whatever works best suits your creativity so long as it’s creative enough because there are no restrictions when submitting material.

How to Pitch Your Content?

we’re looking for content writers. Your task is to create a piece of engaging and creative writing that will be published on our website as well as social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter! Send us: 

1) The headline (around 50-60 characters) 

2) A word count between 1000 – 1500 words 

3.) Media files such your images/videos 

4.) Bio 

Please email us with the mentioned information. 

Please make sure that your submission is well-formatted and written in compliance with our guidelines. When you submit, it will be taken into consideration by one of our team members who checks each post thoroughly before putting them on a queue to review later when they have more time. We hope this opportunity attracts your attention and come write for us. We are waiting for you!